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Summer kirtan, 8 June 2024

Satchitananda, Sanjana and Sarasvati welcomed devotees to a blissful kirtan at Glen Lodge.

Thank you!

The kirtan opened with a song to Hanuman, Sita and Rama from Tryambaka. Hari Om led a plain chant from Universal prayers, followed by Self and other songs. Swargananda read an account of a vision of Ramakrishna from Vivekananda. Tryambaka and Yogini led songs and bhajans. Girish’s tabla playing lifted the music even higher.

Yogini led a beautiful bhajan to Ganesh. Tryambaka led songs to Ganga Mai. JaiNarain read a discourse from September 13 1997 . Yogini led songs to Swamiji and the Gayatri Mantra.

Sanjana shared her spiritual insights and led a hymn to the Mother Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu.

Yogini led another wonderful bhajan to Shiva

MahaLakshmi read a passage by Sister Ruth Burrows about Mary and the contemplative life, followed by songs to Mary from Sri Lakshmi, Sanjana and Yogini.

Tryambaka led songs and bhajans to Sita, Rama, Hari, Kali, Krishna and Radha.

Yogini, Sanjana, Tryambaka and Girish led music for the Sunday kirtan.

Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday kirtan, 17 February 2024

Thank you Yogini and Rohan for inviting us all to a joyful celebration of our Gurudev’s birthday with music, readings, chanting and a children’s play.

Here is the kirtan in three parts with the special addition of the Sunday kirtan.

Kirtan part I – music from Yogini, Hari Om, Tryambaka, Imogen, Sanjana, RajaRam, SitaDevi, Girish

Kirtan part 2 – Yogini, Aum-chanting, JaiNarain reading, SitaDevi, Imogen

Kirtan part 3 – Sri Lakshmi, Tryambaka, Yogini, RajaRam, Girish, Sarasvati reading, Hari Om, arthi

Sunday kirtan – Music from Sanjana, Yogini, Tryambaka, Girish

Vivekananda’s hymn to Sri Ramakrishna
‘You are to be adored, you are truth unchanging,
You are the Lord of the gunas.
In my weakness I have failed, O taker away of delusion,
To worship your blessed lotus feet
Earnestly and unceasingly.
Therefore I claim sanctuary with you,
O friend of the lowly.

This evil dream called life
Can be dispelled by love, adoration and understanding.
These three can quickly bring us to our goal, the truth of Brahman.
But alas, though I speak these words with my lips
There is no answer in my heart.
Therefore I claim sanctuary with you,
O friend of the lowly.

O Ramakrishna, you are the path that leads to truth.
If a man offers you his heart,
He soon overcomes the world
And finds fullness of eternal life.
For your feet still the waves of death
And bring immortality into the world of mortals.
Therefore I claim sanctuary with you,
O friend of the lowly.

Lord, your name Ramakrishna is goodness and purity itself.
Graciously it awakens us from our delusion.
He who chants your name will become a saint
Though he be a sinner.
You are the refuge of us all.
I have no other refuge but you.
Therefore I claim sanctuary with you,
O friend of the lowly.

Eithen kirtan, 15 July 2023

Music and readings from the joyous birthday kirtan

Kirtan part I – Yogini, Tryambaka, Imogen, Hari-Om, Sri Lakshmi, and ShivaShakti’s programme read by Lillie

Kirtan part II -Yogini, Shanti Om, Tryambaka, Emily, Jaima, Sanjana

Readings from JaiNarain, Jaima, Julie, bhajans and songs.

A joyous kirtan to mark Tryambaka and Yogini’s birthdays. We began by chanting Aum . This was followed by beautiful bhajans from Yogini, Imogen and Tryambaka. We were blessed to be joined by Girish who played tabla accompaniment.

Hari Om sang a song to Madhasudana followed by Jaima’s Canopy of love.

Jai Narain read some notes that had mysteriously materialised by Shiva Shakti and an extract from Swamiji talking about Mother and Father God.

God as your father and God as your mother. This is the best way if you can.