Music and discourses with Swamiji

Music, discourses and videos etc produced during Swamiji’s 25 years with the devotees.

1969-72 Ladbroke Grove with the Quintessence Band
This section runs from the founding of the ashram (Feb-July 1969) through the Quintessence-band-period up to Swami Ambikananda’s sannyasi April 1972.

1972-1977 Home Farmhouse, Barnet and Wales
Section covering various venues of the UIA  with kirtans and discourses at Rose Cottage (1972-73), Home Farmhouse 1974-75 and Barnet (1976-77).

1977-1982 Kedarnath
This section contains music, kirtans and discourses produced during the fruitful years at Swamiji’s retreat ashram.

1982-1984 Ramakrishna Loka
Swamiji’s move to the Fens. Talks and music at Ramakrishna Loka, kirtans in London and Wales. Includes videos.

1985-1989 Christianity with Swami Ambikananda
Covers Swamiji’s blending of Hindu and Christian themes. Video excerpt.

1990-1997 The Last Years
The last years at Ramakrishna Loka with kirtans at Corfton Rd and Newbury, and Swamiji’s move to Glen Lodge and passing.