Ramakrishna’s birthday kirtan, 18 February 2023

A beautiful kirtan to celebrate Ramakrishna’s birthday at Yogini and Rohan’s house.

Devotees sang bhajans, devotional songs, chanted Aum, and danced in honour of Sri Ramakrishna, our Gurudev.

And here is the kirtan for you to listen to in three parts

Ramakrishna’s birthday 2023 1 mp3 file (large)

Ramakrishna’s birthday 2023 2 mp3 file

Ramakrishna’s birthday 2023 3 mp3 file

It takes many nights for a night of meditation (to wake up in God)
But the beauty of that waking up is so glorious.

Julie read a compilation of Swamiji’s teachings (74 to 81) transcribed by Satchitananda.

Tryambaka, Sita Devi, Yogini, Sarasvati and Jai Narain had a mini-programme about Ramprasad sen, whose songs play such a part in bhakti yoga and are published in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

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