Swami Ambikananda


In his life as much as in his teachings, the Mauritian saint and visionary Swami Ambikananda (1934-97) exemplified the spiritual path of love and devotion to God, and showed his devotees how this could be attained.

His practical mysticism bound together the Hindu way of Sri Ramakrishna, the Bengali saint and avatar, with the Western way of Lord Jesus Christ, in a unique synthesis that he called Shiva-Christ Consciousness.

Next retreat: Saturday 16 May stay-at-home retreat 2.30-4.30pm, in the Condensed Gospel, Sri Ramakrishna says ”I long to worship the Lord with flowers and fruits and other offerings, to repeat His sacred name by myself, to meditate upon Him, to chant His Hymns, to dance in the joy of the Lord!” so this is just a suggested programme:

  • Gayatri mantra and Om chanting followed by silent meditation and chanting of Om Namah Shivaya, Dvine Mother’s chants, Om Kali, Hare Ram etc
  • Choose a talk by Swami Ji and some singing and devotees music from this website
  • To finish – as a preparation for Pentecost – the sending of the Holy Spirit – we may contemplate on these words of Swami Ji which he wrote next to the large portrait of Jesus he had drawn and is kept in the shrine room “And Thou must look deep into thyself, listen to thy Inner Self , come together with thy neighbors and give love to all” We also have the song “Jesus my life…Jesus my bread and butter”
  • Arthi- Twa Meva Mata – Universal prayers-

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