1977-1980 Kedarnath

Meetings with Swamiji from November 1977 to December 1980

Swamiji moved to an extremely small, remote cottage in Devon which he called Kedarnath. Devotees visited him most weekends or he joined them for kirtans in their homes. It was a very blissful time.

  • Kedarnath May 1978  Swamiji’s chosen extracts from the Srimad Bhagavatam including chapter 3: ‘The twenty-four teachers of the Avadhuta’. (added November 2020)

King’s Cross 19 July 1980

Let us go back once more o mind (Swamiji)
Come let us go for a walk o mind (Swamiji)

Kedarnath 15 April 1980

Vivekachudamani (Swamiji and SadaShiva sarod)

King’s Cross 16 February 1980

Govinda Hare Murare (Swamiji)
Sing o bird (Swamiji)
Meditation (Swamiji)
Ramakrishna (RajaRam)
The full moon (Sita Devi)
Narayan (Sita Devi)
O man if you would live in bliss (Sita Devi)
GSR reading (Swamiji)
Why has my body turned so golden (Raja Ram flute)
Kali is one with the highest Brahman (Shiva Shakti)


Spurling Rd (Suren’s House) 3 September 1980

Aum (Swamiji and devotees)
Universal prayers (Swamiji and devotees)
Jai Ganesha (Sita Devi)
Viveka chudamani (Swamiji)
Ganga Mai (Swamiji)
Twameva mata (Swamiji)
Brahma, Vishnu, SadaShiva (Swamiji)
Vasudeva (Swamiji)
Mother ever blissful as thou art (Atma) Ambika (Gayatri)
All creation is the sport (Sita Devi) Kali my mother (Swamiji)
Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi (Swamiji) Thou art the first cause (Swamiji)
Sri Ramakrishna (Swamiji) The Marriage of Shiva (Swamiji)
My religion and piety have come to an end (Swamiji)  
Quintessence 17 January 1980
O Mother make me mad with thy love (Swamiji) O Mother Thou my inner guide (Swamiji)
O Mother how deep is Thy love for man (Swamiji) Ramakrishna worship (Sita Devi, Raja Ram, Sada shiva, Swamiji)
Quintessence 16 December 1979
Meditation and Aum (Swamiji)  
Quintessence 17 November 1979
In wisdom’s firmament (Swamiji) Hari Om Hari bol(Swamiji)
Om namah bhagavate Ramakrishna (Swamiji) Save me Madhusuddhana (Swamiji)
Ah! The full moon (Swamiji) I am Shiva (Swamiji)
The dark cloud (Swamiji) Self (Swamiji)
Hara (Swamiji)  
Kedarnath 2 November 1979
I am Shiva (Swamiji)  
Eithin 29 September 1979
Oh Lord (Swamiji) Om Sai, Om Sai(Swamiji)
Allah (Swamiji) Kundalini (Swamiji)
Great God (Swamiji) Sri Ram (Swamiji)
Kings Cross 10 February 1979
If at last my life breath leaves me (Swamiji) Marriage of Shiva (Swamiji)
Gopala Hari Gopala (Swamiji) Brahma, Vishnu, Sada Shiva (Swamiji)
There was a village watchman (Swamiji) Cherish my precious Mother Shyama (Swamiji)
Over hill and dale (Swamiji) O Thou Lord supreme (Swamiji)
Let us go back once more o mind (Swamiji) Macrocosm and the microcosm (Swamiji)
Be drunk o mind (Swamiji) Song of the Sanyasi (Swamiji)
Who are they (Swamiji)