1982-1984 Ramakrishna Loka

At the end of August 1982 Swamiji moved from Kedarnath in Devon to Laurel Farm in Lincolnshire, renamed Ramakrishna Loka. It was a large Victorian farmhouse situated on flat farmed fenland.

Devotees continued to visit and could come from London for a day trip.


  • Discourse at Ramakrishna Loka 13 Ocotber 1984, Mahayogini and her elder brother Steve with his wife Julie joined Swamiji for lunch. Also Satchidananda, Jai Narain, Mahalakshmi and Sri Lakshmi. Swamiji described the part of music in spiritual life and the need for satsang.
  • Discourse at Ramakrishna Loka 31 March 1984, Raja Ram, Jai Narain and Star of Bethlehem had been invited to lunch at Ramakrishna Loka. Swamiji talked about meditation When a man’s meditation is refined, [it’s] like candy

VIDEO Memories of Sri Ramakrishna Date Unknown. Performed by devotees