Gayatri died suddenly on 16 July 2021. Babaji was able to carry her to the shrine room where she died peacefully in his arms with Sarasvati by her side. Yogini and Imogen wrapped Swamiji’s scarf around her neck before she left Eithin. Yogini said: The gift she gave on her exit was a powerful feeling of devotion, love and strength, everything else quietly washed away

On 29th July we gathered at Eithin for Gayatri’s kirtan with beautiful music and readings which included this reading from Swamiji..

Canopy kirtan 1992 Gayatri with swamiji

How can words express the thank you to Gayatri for all her collection of songs on this website – she recorded most of what you can listen to here. And also not to forget her own beautiful songs, just one of the many manifestations of her devotion. Two favourites below:

Jai Ma Sarada
Oh Mother, My Divine Mother

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