GlenLodge retreat 31 October 2020

Satchitananda, Yogini, Maha Lakshmi, Jai Narain and Sri Lakshmi met to chant, meditate and listen to scripture.

Gayatri mantra, chant led by Yogini
Meaning of the Gayatri mantra by Satya Sai Baba, read by Jai Narain
Waken Mother, song by Yogini

Aum chanting, all

Excerpt from the discourse…Not everyone has got love. Not everyone has got the same way of loving. Love is regardless to king, queen and God. Because I am a child, I address God as my very own. Read the full discourse or listen to Jai Narain read it (below)

Discourse of Swamji’s from a lunch at Ramakrishna Loka in August 1989, Jai Narain reads
Discourse cont. from a lunch with RajaRam, August 1989, jai Narain reads

Music cont

River of Love – Ramakrishna, song by Yogini
Aum Ganga Mai bhajan, Yogini
Whom shall i love, Yogini
Sing of a girl in the ripening wheat, Sri Lakshmi sings
Aum Shivaya, chant led by Yogini
Lovely Lily, song by Yogini
As I kneel before you, Sri Lakshmi sings

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