Self-Satsang this Saturday 30 January

Satchitananda invites us to join mentally and spritually this Saturday at 3pm to create some “good vibes”. Any time you spend will be beneficial and help all of us renew our energy and lift up our spirit. Do take care. Hari Om Tat Sat. With love and thoughts from Satchitananda

Suggested programme:
3-3.30pm chanting powerful mantras for protection

3.30 onwards: your chosen programme

The name of God creates an invisible shadow

God sees self-effort

We must give and share, we are brothers and sisters eternally linked

Put notes in the heart, make it practical, Offer it and God will accept it

Swamiji 1995

We need transformation, conversion of heart and clean soul to polish up our spirituality

Swamiji 1996

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