Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday celebration

Sadly the pandemic means we cannot meet together in person for Ramakrishna’s birthday, but your amazing music is so inspiring it gives us an alternative. Satchitananda writes:

Please join in mentally and spiritually in our circle of Bhakti Love for the celebration of Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday on Saturday 20th from 3 to 5 pm.

May we form “a luminous bubble”  filled with  the singing of the names of God, chanting Om, meditating, reading from the GSR, songs, dancing.

And below are a few words, songs, videos and Aums incase you would like to follow a programme.

Sri Ramakrishna portrait by Swamiji

Aum chanting

Aums, Spurling Rd 1980

Music and meditation: from Kamarpukur to Dakshineswar a beautiful musical account of Ramakrishna’s experience

Visions of Sri Ramakrishna with music and singing from Sita Devi, Quintessence 17 Jan 1980


Verily thy name – Swamiji Jan 1982
Jai Ramakrishnaya – Yogini, 1980
Ramakrishna – RajaRam, 10 Feb 1980
Sri Ramakrishna is dancing – Tryambaka, 17 Jul 1994
Chanting the name of Ramakrishna – Shambhu, 6 Nov 93

Video: Mahapurushji Sivananda’s account of Sri Ramakrishna

Reading: Ramakrishna – his experiences and power to liberate us. 10 Feb 1979

More Kirtan

I am a true lover of Sri Ramakrishna – Tryambaka, 8 Feb 1995
My Mother is an ocean of mercy – SadaShiva 28 Feb 82
Ramakrishna – Tryambaka, 28 Feb 1982
Whom shall I love – Yogini, Oct 2020
June 1986, Eithen-y-Gaer

For Seekers of God Spiritual talks of Mahapurush, Swami Shivananda


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